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Dip in the Adriatic Dip in the Adriatic Reader's photo

Swimming in mid-January in Dubrovnik – refreshing Adriatic dip!

Written by  Jan 16, 2022

With sea temperatures around 14 degrees the Adriatic is far from its summer bath-like temperatures, however that didn’t stop a few brave swimmers from diving in the crystal clear sea this Sunday.

During the warmer months this beach in Župa Dubrovačka is a magnet for swimmers, but today these few swimmers had the beach to themselves, and indeed the Adriatic. And whilst the Adriatic in Dubrovnik reaches up to the high twenties today the sea and the air temperature equalled out at around 14 degrees. And apart from the swimmers there were also a handful of people soaking up the January sunshine on the beach.

“It’s beautiful and so clean, it gives you so much energy,” commented one female swimmer with a broad smile.

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