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MIDSUMMER SCENE British celebrities hooked on Dubrovnik

Written by  Oct 19, 2016


British stars from the bands Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Eurythmics enjoyed the beauty of Dubrovnik at the exhibition ''Midsummer Scene-Elsinore in Dubrovnik'', placed in London. Croatian Embassy in London is hosting an exhibition of photographs that brings a touch of magic Dubrovnik summer. The exhibition was made by the British artist Bari Goddard, and it shows the most beautiful moments of the Midsummer Scene Festival. It will be opened until November 18th.

Numerous guests at the opening were greeted by Croatian Ambassador Ivan Grdesic, while the Croatian actor and producer Philip Krenus thanked the visitors on behalf of the Midsummer Scene Festival. Author of photos Bari Goddard greeted guests with a song, accompanied by Steve Maguire, a former member of the group Eurythmics. The opening was visited by Holly Johnson too, the lead singer of the popular British pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood as well as the singer Adele Andersen, which took a break from preparing for three shows that will soon take place in London. The exhibition was also visited by Pinkietessa Pinkie, designer and famous performer, Diane Goldie, which has designed Bari's costume especially for the exhibition and the British model and designer Lee Sayers. The beautiful photographs of Dubrovnik enjoyed were enjoyed by Gary Roost, famous British stage actor and Philip Parr, coordinator of Shakespeare festivals in Europe.

The next, fourth Midsummer Scene festival will be held in Dubrovnik at the end of June 2017. The festival attracted the attention of the audience and critics with an unforgettable scenery of Dubrovnik City Walls. Last year's success, the play Twelfth Night, directed by Helen Tennison, was included in the main repertoire of the Vienna English Theatre in prime-Christmas period where it be performed daily, except Sundays, running from 7th of November to 22nd of December and then it travels to Bermuda. That's the confirmation of quality and also the start of spreading and increasing of the Midsummer Scene festival, which has distinguished international character from the beginning.

Midsummer Festival Scene is a project of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, produced by Brilliant Events Dubrovnik and Honey-tongued Theatre Productions Ltd. London.






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