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Women's Bank Walk in Dubrovnik 2021 Women's Bank Walk in Dubrovnik 2021

Women’s Bank Walk - Most donations were collected again in Dubrovnik

Written by  Dec 06, 2021

The Women's Bank Walk in Dubrovnik took place on September 5, and the entire campaign lasted three months.

Certainly, it is never too late for good news, especially when it comes to money intended for education and training of women in underdeveloped countries. At the Dubrovnik event, more than 7,800 euros was raised through donations from participants, online donations and contributions from Finnish sponsors, giving 260 women in Asia, Africa and the Middle East a better life. This year a total of 58 cities across Finland, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Croatia (Dubrovnik) participated.

Given that this was the second year in a row that Dubrovnik recorded significant results, Anni Vepsalainen, President of the Management Board of Women's Bank, expressed her gratitude, "Once again congratulations to the organizers of Women's Bank Walk in Dubrovnik, you had a very successful year! It is wonderful to see how your will and effort are appreciated and how the participants of the event recognized it. Thank you all!”

Over 35,000 euros were raised in the entire Women's Bank Walk campaign, which means that thousands of professional educations have been made available to women in underdeveloped countries, which will enable them to ensure a quality life for themselves and their families.

womens bank walk dubrovnik stradun

Let us remind you, for the seventh year in a row, the Women's Bank Walk was held on September 5 with a symbolic walk along Stradun. In front of the Church of St. Blaise, the program was opened by the Finnish Ambassador to Croatia Kalle Kankaanpää, emphasizing that this symbolic march is a small step for all participants, but great for the lives of women in underdeveloped countries.

The charity that launched a symbolic march for women, Women's Bank (Naisten Pankki), was founded in 2007, following the return of a group of Finnish businesswomen from Liberia who were caught in poverty there and decided to help. Since its inception, more than 19.1m euros have been raised to fight poverty. They were based on women and their opportunities for independent work and earning. The idea is to educate them and thus help them earn a living for themselves, because it raises the quality of life of both women and children, and ultimately the entire local community. The support provided by the association reached directly to 80,000 women, and when their families are involved, that means 400,000 beneficiaries in 17 countries, on three continents. All Women's Bank projects are implemented by Finland's largest humanitarian organization, Finn Church Aid.


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