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City Budget presented to media City Budget presented to media Grad Dubrovnik

City of Dubrovnik budget for 2022 comes in at 563 million Kuna - but where is the money going?

Written by  Nov 30, 2021

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, presented the proposal of the Budget of the City of Dubrovnik for next year, and it amounts to almost 563 million Kuna, or 74.5 million Euro. And this very budget will be on the City Council’s agenda on Wednesday. The Mayor stated that the budget for 2022 was realistic, especially taking into account the global pandemic.

And clearly the negative effects of pandemic on the city’s tourism industry have had a knock-on effect to the city’s budget. Whilst the budget for next year is planned at 562,929,300 Kuna it was in pre-pandemic 2019 a whopping 741 million Kuna. In fact, even the budget for this year is higher than the planned budget for next year, this year it was 579 million Kuna.

Mayor Franković stated that “The budget is planned more conservatively in terms of revenues planned for next year, and if the situation develops in the direction we all want, we believe that somewhere in the first half of 2022 we will upwardly adjust the budget." And he also added that EU funds are extremely important for the implementation of larger city projects.

Breaking down the Dubrovnik City budget, 1.3 million is planned for investment into roads and public areas. This includes the rehabilitation of the banks of the Dubrovnik River, Gradac Park, the Park ‘n’ Ride project.

The amount of HRK 1,347,800.00 is planned in the Budget for investment in unclassified roads and public areas, namely for the preparation of project documentation, rehabilitation of the bank of the Dubrovnik River, Gradac Park, Park 'n' Ride project. And a further 27.2 million Kuna for road construction and reconstruction, for projects such as the Lapad coast, Nuncijata road and the fireman’s house in Zaton.

Just over 2 million Kuna is planned for the construction and completion of the Dubac cemetery, the new Animal Shelter and the public waste site.

12,4 million Kuna is planned for social infrastructure, i.e. investments in schools, kindergartens, homes for the elderly, parks and sports and recreational facilities, and among these projects are, for example, Marin Getaldić Elementary School, Pčelica Kindergarten, etc.

Also, a total amount of 36,322,100 Kuna is planned for projects in preschool and primary education.

Investments in social care are also on the list, 2.9 million Kuna will go to the city’s pensioners, 2 million for soup kitchens and 3.1 million part of the gift project for new-born children, while the budget intends to provide 3.53 million for health care.

Institutions in culture will receive 9.787 million in the 2022 budget, and another 1 million for public needs in culture, while 14.056 million is planned for public needs in sports.

The participatory budgeting project continues, within which citizens will be able to choose projects that they think need doing in the city. This project is a form of direct democracy because it leaves it to the citizens to decide on the distribution of a part of the public money to programs that are crucial for their quality of life.

Here is a link to the proposed Dubrovnik City Budget for 2022 


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