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Dubrovnik set for the festive season - Dubrovnik Winter Festival coming soon!

Written by  Nov 24, 2021

Dubrovnik and their guests will enter the New Year on Stradun with the Dubrovnik pop group “Silente” and the rock band “Vatra” it was announced on Tuesday at the presentation of the 8th Dubrovnik Winter Festival.

Over the festive period a total of 13 hotels will be open throughout Dubrovnik.

More than thirty large and small Christmas trees will bring the warmth of the holidays to all the city, and the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, in the period from November 27 to January 6, will once again feature festive houses throughout the city.

Try the holiday offer of gastronomic delicacies on popular houses set on Dubrovnik's squares and streets, sing traditional Christmas songs and Dubrovnik carols, see off 2021 and celebrate the New Year on Stradun and wish everyone happy holidays!


The Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Jelka Tepšić, stated at the presentation of the program that the Covid-19 restrictions and a smaller budget for the festival than in previous years meant that the program will mainly be focused on the historic city centre.

"A lot of creativity, effort and desire has been invested. Under the auspices of the festival there will be other smaller programs and quite a number of surprises. The festival will mark Dubrovnik carols. We want to offer quality content during the holidays, especially this year, when people need a little nice atmosphere and relaxation,” commented Tepšić.

The director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, pointed out that domestic guests and those from the region are most expected at Advent in Dubrovnik.

“I hope they recognize our rich program. We currently have direct flights with Istanbul and Barcelona, but we are connected to the world via Zagreb. At the same time, 13 Dubrovnik hotels will be opened, some of which will offer their own Advent program and a special holiday offer,” said Hrnić.

The program of the 8th Dubrovnik Winter Festival begins on Saturday, November 27, with the lighting of the first Advent candle, the inclusion of holiday lighting and a concert by Nena Belan and Fiumens in front of the Church of St. Blaise.

Tereza Kesovija, Klapa Ragusa and women's Klapa FA Linđo will perform at the charity concert on the occasion of the Dubrovnik Veterans' Day on December 6, accompanied by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, and all proceeds will go to the Covid department of the Dubrovnik Hospital. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will also perform at the Dubrovnik Christmas Concert on December 19, with several vocalists.

Dubrovnik Advent will be marked by a rich program of city institutions in culture. From the traditional Cod Days, Saturday performances of the Folklore Ensemble Linđo, thematic city tours "Golden Age of Dubrovnik" and Pop-up Christmas Carol Bus, and for the youngest Moto Father Christmas, North Pole Station in Lazareti, Colourful winter in Lapad Bay and the Advent train.

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The program of the last day of 2021 starts at noon, when Dubrovnik bartenders will prepare New Year's cocktails in front of the City Café. The first day of 2022 will be marked by the New Year's concert of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra at noon, and in the evening by a concert from Klapa Rišpet.

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