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Dubrovnik City Card gets new application

Written by  Jan 06, 2016

The Dubrovnik City Card has been a popular addition to the tourism scene in the city since its introduction a few years ago. The card offers entrance into museums and attractions, discounts at shops and restaurants, bus rides and much more. Now the analogue technology of the card has been given a new lease of life with a digital version. A team of young Dubrovnik digital wizards have created a new modern extension of the Dubrovnik City Card with an interactive application. Andrej Saric, Dzivo Jelic and Ivan Brcic are the team of masterminds behind the latest Dubrovnik application.

“The idea of the application is to improve the offer of Dubrovnik Card in a way that there is no need for a paper brochure but users have all the necessary information within the application,” commented Saric. Adding that this new application will make the Dubrovnik City Card even more attractive to the younger generation which is more inclined to a “smart phone world.”

The idea behind the project all started at a start-up event held by the Development Agency of Dubrovnik (DURA) in April of last year. The event, entitled Hackathon, was aimed at encouraging the development of IT start-up projects with a view for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

“Our idea and prototype won second place at the Hackathon and we therefore, with the help of DURA started with the development of the application. After about six to seven months we had managed to make the final product,” said Saric.

The beauty behind the new application is its ease of use. In just a few clicks the user can discover all the information needed and it is laid out in a very visible way. The application displays all the information about the offers of the Dubrovnik City Card, the restaurants, night clubs, spa centres with a particular emphasis on the cultural attractions of Dubrovnik. And with the help of Bluetooth and GPS the user is notified of the cultural attractions of the city was walking around.

“We hope that everyone will be satisfied and that we get good feedback. The application has been online for just over three weeks and we have an Android and IOS version,” said Saric. “We plan to release a Windows version in the coming month so that we can cover all of the platforms,” he concluded.

The new Dubrovnik City Card application can be found either via a QR code on the card itself or on promotional leaflets throughout the city.


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