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Spiderman in Dubrovnik Spiderman in Dubrovnik Anđelka Kelava

PHOTO – “Spiderman” risks his life for the perfect Selfie

Written by  Oct 12, 2016

This is an example of what not to do on the historic Dubrovnik city walls. A tourist determined to get the perfect photo, well Selfie, risked his life as he climbed along the walls near the Bokar Fortress directly over the main entrance to the Old City of Dubrovnik.

Eyewitnesses said that he spent at least ten minutes scrambling along the walls, which after the recent rain were presumably quite slippery, taking photos of the surroundings and himself.

Even though there are clear and numerous warnings placed along the walls not to climb up and not to move out of the clearly marked areas this tourist was obviously willing to risk everything to get the perfect shot, he was around 20 metres from the ground whilst these photos were taken.

spiderman dubrovnik 2

spiderman dubrovnik 3

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