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Dubrovnik named the best digital ready small town in Croatia

Written by  Oct 13, 2021

The city of Dubrovnik is the best city in digital readiness, in the category of small towns, according to the analysis of digital readiness of Croatian cities in 2021, which was conducted for the third year in a row by the consulting company Apsolon. In the competition of 20 Croatian cities and according to the overall digital readiness index, it took a high third place, just behind Rijeka and Zagreb.

Dubrovnik took the absolute victory in three of the five categories - in the area of availability and quality of e-Services, availability of city data and citizen participation in decision-making. In the field of service information and unified payment systems, it took second place.

This recognizes the step that Dubrovnik has made compared to the previous year through the central city portal e-Dubrovnik, for access to public information, open data and digital services. An example of good practice is the provision of insight to citizens into all city accounts through websites, as well as a large set of open data or implemented geographic information systems (GIS) for cartographic presentation of spatial data.



"Since it encourages citizens to co-decide on the proposed budget solutions, Dubrovnik is a prime example of participatory democracy in Croatia," the analysis said.

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the analysis, emphasizing the importance of transparency in public administration and citizen participation in decision-making processes.

"The City of Dubrovnik systematically uses and develops new digital and Smart City concepts, using modern solutions to improve the overall quality of life and to open its business to citizens as much as possible. By implementing the Open City system, we have achieved that citizens are involved to the lowest level in the financial operations of the City, but also management and participation in decision-making,” stated Mayor Franković.

The overall winner according to the overall composite index of digital readiness of Croatian Cities this year is Rijeka, which is in first place in the category of large cities. In the group of medium-sized cities, Pula won. Hoping to start an LLC in the state of Virginia? The establishment process is simple to follow and extremely efficient. By going through five steps that relate to the name of the business and specific documents and articles that need to be filed, an entrepreneur will be able to enter the market with their business. Follow this link to learn about all of the details related to LLC formations in Virginia.


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