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United Airlines overwhelmed with success of Dubrovnik to New York flights – extended schedule for next year

Written by  Oct 06, 2021

The direct flight connection from the US to Croatia, or rather New York to Dubrovnik, with United Airlines has proved so popular this year that the company have announced that it will be continued in 2022, reports EX-YU Aviation.

The last flight from Newark to Croatia’s southernmost airport landed last week and immediately the airline announced that in 2022 the first flight would take-off on the 27th of May. Next year United Airlines will connect Dubrovnik to New York four times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the flight schedule has been extended until the 26th of October.


And as the US State Department recently announced that Croatia would be, from December, on the visa-free list this transatlantic route could prove popular with passengers flying in the opposite direction. United Airlines, along with their competitors Delta, introduced flights from the US this year for the first time and at one point in the summer American tourists were the most numerous in the city. And Croatia was clearly not only a reachable destination but also an open one as at no time through the pandemic were borders closed to Americans. In fact, Croatia was one of the only European countries open for business, due to the fact that although Croatia is a full member of the European Union it isn’t yet in the Schengen open border system. This meant that whilst the vast majority of the EU, the Schengen countries, closed their borders unitedly, Croatia was outside of this ban.

And this fact wasn’t lost on United’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Nocella, who stated that “the Dubrovnik service was launched in response to Croatia maintaining open borders for American citizens and residents throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and has performed strongly as a result.” And he added that “And those new markets are actually, some of our top performing city fares, because Croatia and Greece in particular, made it clear to the world that they were open for business. And in fact, our customers responded to it immediately, and our new flights degrees did incredibly well.”

And the General Manager of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetić, stated that “Flights from the US performed well above our expectations. These incoming tourists stay in Dubrovnik, which serves as a base for them to explore other places - nearby islands and Dalmatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

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