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56 kilos of waste removed from seabed near Lokrum in special Green Cleanup action Lokrum Reserve

56 kilos of waste removed from seabed near Lokrum in special Green Cleanup action

Written by  Sep 19, 2021

The City of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the Lokrum Reserve, organized a "Green Purge" on the island of Lokrum. Members of the Diving Club Dubrovnik, employees of the Lokrum Reserve, the Natural History Museum in Dubrovnik, the University of Dubrovnik, the DUNEA Regional Agency, and members of the association " Lovers of Croatian traditions and natural beauties" all took part in the action.

Green Cleanup is a national campaign aimed at raising citizens' awareness of their role in waste generation and disposal. Cleaning actions in Croatia were held for the tenth year in a row. This year, as part of the World CleanUp Day, Croatia joined the volunteers of 150 countries with the aim of removing waste from the environment and educating the public about the problem of waste and the importance of proper waste management.

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Diving club Dubrovnik removed over 56 kilograms of waste from the sea, of which the largest share was plastic waste, and on the mainland part of the reserve approximately 26 kilograms of various waste was collected.

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“In relation to the amount of waste removed from the sea in 2020 (84 kilograms), it is important that the amount of waste in Portoč Bay has decreased from year to year, and that we can proudly say that this year Portoč Bay was completely cleaned despite that which is most exposed to sea currents from the south of the Adriatic Sea,” stated the Lokrum Reserve.

And added “We thank all those who participated in this action today and see you again at the next action for the preservation of nature and the environment.”

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