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Unique running day in Ston this weekend – Ston Wall marathon

Written by  Sep 15, 2021

Once again this year, the association “Biseri Hrvatske” (Pearls of Croatia) will organise its traditional September running treat. Whether you are already a seasoned runner or recreational runner, and especially if you are looking for new challenges, this Sunday will be a race like no other. The popular Ston Wall Marathon 2021 will take place this Sunday, the 19th of September, in Ston.

Participants will run along the longest defensive wall in Europe, enjoy the untouched nature of the Pelješac peninsula and get to socialize with the local hosts. Even though the day’s events will not include the toughest race, the marathon, runners will have two equally challenging races, the 4 kilometre “Rocky” race and even harder 15 kilometre “Stone” race.


Both races begin with a magnificent view of the Ston walls and the steps the route takes. Runners will ascend from Mali Ston to jagged stone towers and fortresses, descend towards the compact roofs of Ston with a unique view of the mirrored surface of the oldest European salt works, fertile green fields and the turquoise blue of the sea. The 4 kilometre race ends in picturesque Ston, and the 15 kilometre one continues with a thin embankment between the salt works and the sea, passes through the wild realms of Mediterranean forests and ends with a return to Ston.

A truly unique experience, and a unique run in one of the most picture-postcard perfect locations in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. And if you just want to go along to Ston and enjoy the race without actually strapping on your running shoes it will also be a great day out.

Come to Ston on the third Sunday in September and run Rocky or Stone, or just soak up the atmosphere and cheer the runners on, and the slogan of the race says, SET YOUR RECORD IN STONe!


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