Saturday, 25 September 2021
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Dubrovnik island voted number one skinny dipping spot in the world!

Written by  Sep 10, 2021

To celebrate the end of summer, have ranked the best skinny dipping spots in (nearly) every country. And the best spot for stripping down to your birthday suit and diving in the sea is the Dubrovnik island of Lokrum. From 100 nudist beaches across the world Lokrum came it at number one spot.

If you feel like kissing summer goodbye with a skinny dip – some nude beaches might be better than others for your next naked swimming adventure.

The study compared 100 nude beach spots across the following categories: beach quality, safety, weather, and hotel cost (with seven data points). They then ranked the top 25 nude beaches in the world, with the best location per country.

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“If you’re spending time in Dubrovnik, then Lokrum Island is a great place to go (only a 10-minute ferry ride away). This is a small island that is uninhabited, giving refuge as well as a great place for a skinny dip. Here you can enjoy impeccable scenery, national parks, and clear waters. The island consists mainly of rocks, so be careful with the bits of stone. This island also has a natural salty lake, which can be enjoyed like a jacuzzi to relax,” wrote the article about Lokrum.

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