Monday, 25 October 2021
Eclipse and Octopus in front of Dubrovnik Eclipse and Octopus in front of Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

VIDEO – Millions of dollars of mega yachts in front of Dubrovnik

Written by  Sep 08, 2021

One side of tourism that seems to have bloomed this year is the arrival of luxury yachts. Every day a new mega yacht arrives and drops anchor in the Adriatic in Dubrovnik and today is no different.

This morning in front of the Old City of Dubrovnik were a whole collection of mega yachts flying flags from all over the world. The skyline was dominated by one of the largest private yachts in the world, Eclipse, which is owned by the Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich. The 162.5m-long beauty, Eclipse, is the world’s second-largest and one of the most expensive superyachts.


Eclipse in front of Dubrovnik - Photo Marko Miletic

With an estimated cost of €340 million Eclipse has been owned by Abramovich since December 2010. It is estimated that the weekly running costs of Eclipse are around $170,000.

And alongside Eclipse in front of Dubrovnik this September morning is another monster private yacht, Octopus, built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. And after Allen died in 2018 the yacht was sold in 2021 for €235 million.


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