Monday, 25 October 2021

More publicity in the UK for Dubrovnik - pretty city 3 hours from Heathrow and Gatwick

Written by  Sep 07, 2021

British tourists are traditionally the most numerous in Dubrovnik and this year doesn’t look like being any different. With the government placing Croatia on the green travel list more and more flights have been arriving in the south of Croatia and the indicators for September and October are positive.

Dubrovnik is certainly the darling of the media in the UK and with celebrities such as Sir Bob Geldof and England football stars Jack Grealish and Harry Maguire spending their summer holidays in Dubrovnik the city has filled the pages of many UK newspapers.

And the latest press article to highlight Dubrovnik is the popular website MyLondon with an article entitled “The pretty city 3 hours from Heathrow and Gatwick regularly named one of the best in the world and it's on the green list.”

The article states that “On the deep blue Adriatic Sea is where you’ll find the walled medieval city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Visitors can enjoy the scenic views of the city as they walk along the cobblestone streets where you’ll feel transported back in time. If the picturesque paths don’t give you historic vibes then you’ll at least feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Game of Thrones, which is quite literally what it is.”

Certainly more great publicity for Dubrovnik and the tourism industry in what has been a bounce-back year.


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