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Summer storms expected to hit Dubrovnik this week – first rain in three months predicted

Written by  Aug 23, 2021

After almost three months without a single drop on rain across Dubrovnik it looks like things are about to change. Although the week in Dubrovnik has started in normal August fashion with blazing sunshine and temperatures in the mid-thirties changeable weather is on the way.

Tomorrow should see a few scattered clouds and then from Wednesday storms are forecast. These summer storms are predicted to last for a few days, at least until Friday. In fact, these rains are much need in the county with many farmers and vineyard owners complaining that due to the summer drought their crops are way down on last year. And as temperatures haven’t dipped below thirty degrees this August some rain is certainly needed.

On Wednesday there is a 65 percent chance of rain, on Thursday a 59 percent chance and to end the week on Friday again a 64 percent chance of rain.

However, after this wet and stormy spell which isn’t uncommon in Dubrovnik in the summer, normal service will be resumed with warm and dry weather until at least the first week of September.