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Peljesac vineyards concerned for harvest after summer drought

Written by  Aug 23, 2021

In the wineries and cellars of numerous Pelješac winemakers, as well as in the wineries of agricultural cooperatives in Ston, Putniković, Janjina, Potomje, Kuna and Donja Banda, the final preparations are being made for this year's grape harvest and processing.

Unlike last year, when due to the coronavirus epidemic and significantly reduced tourist traffic, wine sales were absent and the wine sector was put in a very difficult situation, the situation before this year's harvest is still somewhat more favourable.

Thanks to the good tourist results this summer, the sale of wine has also increased, stocks have been reduced, and winemakers have been promised the help of the Ministry of Agriculture in overcoming the difficulties in which they found themselves.

Both Pelješac winegrowers and winemakers are now worried about the long drought, because rain has not fallen for three months, and the consequences are already being felt on the vine and it is already certain that the yield will be lower than expected.