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Mato Frankovic Mato Frankovic

Dubrovnik Mayor sends stern message to anti vaxxers - do not waste time with your comments about tails, chips and other miracles

Written by  Aug 22, 2021

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, called on all citizens to get vaccinated. He stated that in the last seven days three people had passed away due to Covid-19 in Dubrovnik and all of them were unvaccinated.

The Mayor invited citizens to go for a vaccination on Monday from 8:00am to 11:00am in the Student Dormitory in Dubrovnik.

This is the Mayor’s message on Facebook.

“Dear fellow citizens, we are witnessing that due to the Covid-19 virus infection around the world, an increasing number of unvaccinated people are ending up in hospitals, unfortunately many have lost their lives due to this complicated virus. Science has given an answer to protect lives and that is vaccination. Don’t wait for autumn because for some, autumn will be too late. In the last seven days, 3 people died of Covid-19 in our hospital, and there are 4 people on ventilators. None of them were vaccinated. Let’s not play with our own lives. I invite you to go for vaccinations tomorrow and in that way protect YOUR life,” wrote the Mayor.

And he had an added message for the people against the vaccination, “Dear anti-vaccinators, do not waste time with your comments on my Facebook profile about tails, chips and other miracles as you call "imaginary diseases." You simply stay at home.”