Saturday, 25 September 2021
Ocean Victory in Dubrovnik Ocean Victory in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

Russian billionaire’s $300 million mega yacht docks in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jul 29, 2021

There are yachts, there are super yachts and then there is Ocean Victory. This massive 140-metre-long yacht arrived in Dubrovnik yesterday and could have easily be confused for a cruise ship when she docked in the port of Dubrovnik.

At the time of construction Ocean Victory was in the list of the 10 largest yachts in the world, with seven decks, a helipad, six pools (yes, six pools!) a 14-metre-long tender and with luxury accommodation for 36 guests.


And like so many of these mega yachts she is owned by a Russian oligarch, and not just any billionaire but the owner of the largest steel producer in the world, Viktor Rashnikov. With a reported net worth of $9.8 billion Rashnikov splashed out $300 million on Ocean Victory, which when finished was the largest ever yacht to be built in Italy.

And this isn’t the only plaything of the Russian billionaire as he also has a private jet, a $75 million Gulfstream which he bought in 2018.


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