Friday, 24 September 2021
French most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik as July continues in good form Mark Thomas

French most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik as July continues in good form

Written by  Jul 26, 2021

Around 17,500 tourists stayed in Dubrovnik last weekend, with the French the most numerous. According to information from the eVisitor system, which checks arrivals, registrations and cancellations, the number of tourists in Dubrovnik last weekend was 65 percent of the number from the record breaking 2019.

Clearly the doom and gloom that the tourist season in Dubrovnik would be a washout this year was off the mark as more and more guests arrive and the early predictions from experts that the final figure would be around 60 percent seems to be spot on. The historic Old City is busy, with queues for spare tables at most restaurants and hotels, especially five-star hotels, showing solid bookings. Of course, the uncertainty of the pandemic still hangs over the tourism industry, although there is a resilience, as one Dubrovnik restaurant owner stated today “We will continue to work, to stay optimistic and to look forward to an even better 2022. Although to be fair this year has been a pleasant surprise. It’s time to look up and not down.”

The most numerous guests in Dubrovnik at the moment are from France, followed by tourists from the USA, Germany and since the UK placed Croatia on the green travel list Brits are the fourth most numerous. By the end of the season there is a good chance, if the Covid-19 situation remains stable, that UK tourists will once again be the most numerous. Indicators show that bookings from the UK market are up in October meaning that there could well be a positive post-season.

Since the beginning of the year, close to 153,000 tourist arrivals and 521,000 overnight stays have been registered.


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