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New walking and cycling project for Dubrovacko Primorje completed Screenshot

New walking and cycling project for Dubrovacko Primorje completed

Written by  Jul 20, 2021

The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Dubrovačko primorje, in cooperation with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and Mr. Enes Bešić, made a study for routing hiking and biking trails in the area from Banić, Slano to Majkovo, as part of the development of new tourist products, with the aim of raising the safety of tourists who want to engage in active tourism in the municipality. In this area, hiking and biking trails stretch for about 45 km and are divided into several categories.

The second part of the project included an interactive web view of the map of hiking and biking trails, with the possibility of viewing on mobile devices (Android/iOS) and the possibility of downloading data via a web application to a computer for the more detailed planning of walks or cycling.

Mr. Enes Bešić, the project manager stated that “An interactive web map of hiking and biking trails was created with the purpose of facilitating movement in the field, and thus increasing the safety of visitors in a particular area. We decided on the simplest possible concept using QR-codes that will provide users with information about the route and the position of visitors via a web interactive map. In this way, visitors who stay in the area of Dubrovacko Primorje will be able to load them to mobile device and move more safely. All these activities are encouraged to raise the level of security of tourists staying in our municipality. Through this concept we strived for simplicity. Therefore, through various researches and concepts that we have carried out and through conducted tests, we have come to the simplest solution to use Google chrome and Google maps from the user's mobile phone, and support from a certain internet space finally successfully coupled to the QR-code. We realized that the benefits of using this type of concept are extremely great, because the user knows where they are at all times, sees the track on their mobile device, sees his location where they are and whether they are on the right route.”

The third phase of the project envisages the marking of the mentioned pedestrian and bicycle paths. In addition to the signs, it is planned to set up information boards in the entire area from Banić, through Slano to Majkovo.

So far, through joint projects of the Dubrovacko Primorje Tourist Board and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service a tourist and mountaineering map of the region has been prepared, listing all hiking and cycling trails and marking a 50 km long Slano - Bistrina cycling trail. accompanying brochure for this project entitled "Thematic bike path - Stećak tombstones of the Dubrovacko Primorje."


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