Saturday, 18 September 2021

Clouds of smoke roll down over Župa dubrovačka this morning

Written by  Jul 15, 2021

Župa dubrovačka awoke to clouds of smoke and an acrid smell in the morning air as forest fires across the border in Trebinje floated down over the hills.
The cause of the smoke was a big fire that broke out yesterday afternoon at the city garbage dump in Trebinje.

According to the Trebinje live portal, the fire was active in the centre of the landfill, at a great depth, so it was impossible to put it out. And work is also hampered by the fact that explosive devices are believed to be in the landfill. Communal workers are on the spot with two cisterns in order to prevent the fire from spreading outside the landfill. The only help is rain, which meteorologists are announcing for the weekend.

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