Saturday, 25 September 2021

Date of physical completion of Peljesac Bridge announced

Written by  Jul 15, 2021

The largest infrastructure project in Croatia, the Peljesac Bridge, is nearing completion and now a date is known when the bridge will physically connect on side of the mainland to the other.

The final segments of the bridge are being completed and on the 28th of July the bridge will physically connect the mainland with the Peljesac peninsular.

The total width of the bridge is 22.5 meters, it is 2.4 kilometres long and 55 meters high. The project envisages four traffic lanes, and the first vehicles could cross it in March next year.

At the same time, works on the access roads to the bridge are in full swing. Thus, the Greek company Avax have successfully completed the excavation of the Polakovica tunnel, 1240 meters long near Ston on Pelješac. The Polakovica tunnel is part of the 4th phase of the Ston bypass and, together with the Ston bridge and the second Supava tunnel, forms the most complex part of this project.

The access roads together with the Ston bypass are 28 kilometres long. They contain four tunnels, three smaller bridges and two viaducts, and about 600 workers are employed on them.


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