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Digital Nomads dive into one of the most unique and spectacular regions of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Mark Thomas

Digital Nomads dive into one of the most unique and spectacular regions of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County

Written by  Jul 08, 2021

The experience program, Digital Discovery of Dubrovnik 2021, for digital nomads in Croatia, organised by the specialised Dubrovnik-based agency Adriatic SeaChange, opened July in fine style with an unforgettable adventure to the Neretva Delta. A wonderful combination of natural history, Roman, history, a boat safari and a traditional meal brought our digital nomads closer to one of the most unique regions of the entire Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

It isn’t all sand, sea and sunshine and last weekend the international mix of digital nomads from Dalmatia got an “up close and personal” insight into the sparkling history and spectacular natural resources of the Neretva river basin. The action packed day started with a special guided tour of one of the most impressive museums in the whole county, the Natural History Museum in Metkovic. With the kind support of the Metkovic Tourist Board the group explored the interactive museum and got a background into the specific flora and fauna of the whole Neretva Delta. “So much nature and wildlife packed into a relatively small area, this is certainly a place that not only needs to be protected but also nurtured for future generations,” commented one digital nomad from the US.


Overlooking the Neretva Delta - Photo Mark Thomas 

However, the history lesson, and indeed historical surprises, didn’t stop there. “So these statues and relics are around 2,000 years old,” commented a British digital nomad as the group toured the Narona Archaeological Museum in Vid, that is built around the remains of a Roman settlement. “We wanted to highlight museums and indeed gems that are a little of the beaten track, to offer our guests a true experience that they’ll never forget,” commented Barbara Loncaric Lucic, the co-owner of Adriatic SeaChange.


Armed with theoretical and historical knowledge of the Neretva Delta it came time to actually get some practical exposure, with a photo-safari in a traditional wooden boat, on the maze of waterways. With pristine nature that resembles a Dalmatian version of the Florida everglades clearly the prior tour of the Natural History museum had had a positive effect as the digital nomads recognised wild birds. With panoramic photos of the glowing green nature sent around the world through the social media channels of the nomads this safari was clearly a win/win situation.


The tour ended in traditional style with a meal in one of the leading restaurants of the Neretva River and of course it opened another chance to soak up the local cultures. And to make the whole experience even more memorable the guests were all greet with the broad smile and open arms of the host Pavo Jerkovic. People and stories make a day unforgettable and with Pavo at the helm the day was a lifelong memory. Frogs and eels were on the menu, with some fine local wines, and the party were overjoyed at the chance to end a fulfilling day with a true taste of Neretva. And was best summed up by a nomad from the US who said “Anyone who thinks that this region is just about the coastline needs to widen their horizons.”


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