Monday, 26 July 2021

Heat wave on the way with temperatures to hit 38 degrees!

Written by  Jun 21, 2021

It is about to get extremely hot in Dubrovnik as a heat wave rolls over the region. Weather forecasters are predicting that a heat wave is just around the corner and that it would very likely last at least until Friday, with temperatures above 35, possibly even 38 degrees.

Some of the highest temperatures measured yesterday across Croatia included - Zagreb and Knin it was 33, in Osijek 32, in Rijeka 31, in Gospić 30 degrees. Interestingly, except in the highest mountains, the freshest was in the south of the country. Thus, 28 degrees were measured on Hvar and 27 degrees in Dubrovnik.

“A heat wave is at the door, it will first appear on the mainland, today in central Croatia, and then from Monday in the whole country. It will most likely last at least until Friday, and possibly until the end of the next week,” said weather forecaster Mikuš Jurković. He stated that the temperature could 35 and even 38 degrees.

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