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Cruise ship season opens in Dubrovnik today with MSC Orchestra

Written by  Jun 11, 2021

This first major cruise ship of the season will dock today in Dubrovnik. The mega cruise ship MSC Orchestra will arrive in the Port of Gruz today as the cruise ship season opens.

The cruise ship industry, understandably, was one of the worst hit industries in tourism and news that the first ship will arrive in the city will be met with caution from one side and optimism from the other.

Whilst cruise ship companies have prescribed special protocols for their guests upon arrival at the destination, and the ships limited capacity to about 50 percent, the very thought of spending a longer period of time in a confined space with a large number of people would have a lot of people scrambling for the exits. And it is predicted that the cruise ship industry will be the last to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

So clearly the first visit of a large cruise ship in Dubrovnik will cause waves. The City of Dubrovnik has stated that they have taken all necessary safety measures to make sure that both guests and citizens are safe.

The road to recovery for the cruise ship industry will be long and arduous one.