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Ana Hrnic talks tourism with Richard Quest Ana Hrnic talks tourism with Richard Quest TZ Dubrovnik

CNN talks tourism with director of Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Written by  Jun 08, 2021

The popular CNN show “Quest Means Business” will be broadcast from Dubrovnik this Thursday and the renowned journalist and precentor of the show, Richard Quest, is currently touring the city getting the lowdown on the state of the tourism industry.

The two and a half hour show about Croatia will heavily feature Dubrovnik, as the magnet for tourists in the country. Yesterday Richard Quest caught up with the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnic, to discuss the challenges in tourism ahead and how the city is looking to attract guests in the future.

Quest will also interview the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, and other leading figures in the tourism business in the city. Frankovic revealed that “Three years ago, when I was a guest on the CNN show Quest Means Business and talked about the sustainability of tourism and the Respect The City program, I considered it one of the biggest commercials for the City because Richard Quest is a world famous journalist and his show has millions viewers around the world.”

And coverage for Dubrovnik on America’s most watched news channel will certainly help to boost interest in the US market. This summer season both United Airlines and Delta Airlines will directly connect Croatia’s southernmost airport with New York.


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