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Dubrovnik to be backdrop for new film

Written by  Jan 05, 2016

Dubrovnik has once again found itself on the radar of Hollywood! After the success of the popular HBO Game of Thrones serial comes news that Dubrovnik will be the backdrop for another film production. The film series Alexandra will be shot in Dubrovnik from the 24th of January and features actors from all over the world.

The film production company Star Life Films will bring actors from India, Croatia, the UK and the US together in their latest project.
“Alexandra is a story of the events happening during the dark ages in ancient Greece,” commented the film makers. Adding that “they excited and looking forward to filming in Dubrovnik.”

Film Alexandra

Star Life production proudly introduces the first film of the epic series 'Alexandra' This is a 15 min. short film with events happened during dark ages in ancient Greece.

Posted by Star Life Pictures on Sunday, 16 August 2015