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VIDEO - New animal shelter in Dubrovnik moving forward

Written by  May 06, 2021

After the City of Dubrovnik determined the location of the new animal shelter, all necessary procedures were carried out and the adopted Amendments to the Spatial Development Plan of the City of Dubrovnik, which included a new location, enabled the completion of project documentation as a basic prerequisite for building animal shelters. City.

As of today, the preparation of the necessary documentation has been completely completed, followed by the issuance of a building permit, which is expected in the next two months.

The complex of the future city shelter for the reception of abandoned dogs and cats from the area of Dubrovnik is located in the area of Grabovica, and will cover an area of 12,000 square metres and will be one of the largest such facilities in Europe.


The shelter is fully designed according to reference regulations and laws and according to the guidelines of international animal protection associations.

"We are sure that with the completion of this project, we will set another high standard in our city and show that we know how to adequately care for abandoned and neglected animals," said Mayor Mato Franković.

The complex will have a maximum accommodation capacity of 352 dogs and 91 cats. It will consist of a central building with spaces for staff, visitors and employees, a veterinary service and other service areas, and a pavilion area with associated open spaces for accommodation and recreation of animals.

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