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Australian tourist having the time of his life in round-the-world trip Mark Thomas

Australian tourist having the time of his life in round-the-world trip

Written by  Apr 24, 2021

“It’s great, nothing much on the roads, discounts everywhere and everyone over the moon to see me,” laughed this Australian tourist. For the second time in a number of days we came across a tourist, or rather a camping tourist, parked in the Kupari Resort, a resort that was destroyed in the Homeland War over thirty years and is still yet to be reconstructed.

“I have already travelled around America and Mexico and now I have turned my attention to Europe,” said the 27-year-old Australian. We wondered whether he was a digital nomad but it turned out that he worked on a farm in Australia and had saved money to travel the world.

“I haven’t had any problems crossing borders, I mean we all know that regulations so it isn’t really a drama,” added the young camper showing us his paperwork.

And seeing Dubrovnik, and indeed the Adriatic coastline, without the hustle and bustle of tourists was a unique experience that this friendly Aussie will never forget. “Amazing, just amazing. People have welcomed me with open arms, I’ve had discounts and am able to park without hassle. Mate, this has just been unforgettable trip,” concluded the Australian.

His next destination was New Zealand, presumably it is time to sell the 4x4 van.



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