Wednesday, 20 October 2021

German television SWR records a show about Dubrovnik

Written by  Apr 23, 2021

A camera crew of the German television SWR, which has about 14 million viewers and is part of the large ARD TV system, are currently in Dubrovnik. During their four-day stay in Dubrovnik, a three-member team of the national television is recording a show on the topic of the future of tourism.

In an interview with SWR, the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, touched on various topics, from the situation before and during the pandemic, the cruising industry, tourism workers, guides, Respect the City projects, and the Safe stay in Croatia project and the future the concept of tourism in Dubrovnik. Ana Hrnić pointed out that a difficult and challenging year is behind us, but despite that, now is the opportunity to turn in the direction of developing sustainable tourism.

Accompanied by a German language guide, Gabriela Lučić, the German TV crew in Dubrovnik filmed conversations with several Dubrovnik residents about how the pandemic had changed the world, from guides, restaurant owners, craftsmen, farmers and private renters.

The German market is one of the most important emitting markets in Dubrovnik. In previous years, German tourists were in third place on the top list of the most numerous guests in Dubrovnik, and in 2019, 111,446 German tourists stayed in Dubrovnik.


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