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Dubrovnik celebrates Earth Day 2021 with a Global Yoga event streamed live

Written by  Apr 16, 2021

We may be apart geographically, but that doesn’t stop us connecting, and this Thursday 22nd April 2021, as part of International Earth Day, people from over 12 countries from all over the world will be experiencing some of the magic of the city via a live yoga class which will be going out on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live.

The iconic Lazareti building, once a place of quarantine back in 1647 due to an outbreak of the plague and cholera, enjoys outdoor space just steps away from the Adriatic Sea, and overlooking the Old Town itself. The event is kindly sponsored by Dubrovačka baština.

Steeped in history, with 10 naves (narrow halls like those in churches), the building is one of the premier centres of culture in Dubrovnik, it makes a fitting location as it has played such an important part in preserving the health of its citizens.


Looking after ourselves has become more important than ever since the pandemic, yet staying connected is also part of what keeps us well. Restrictions have meant that we need to be more creative than ever in finding ways for us to taking care of our wellbeing.

Which is what inspired International Yoga Teacher and Wellness Consultant Gillie Sutherland, who is now based in Cavtat, to run this event. Gillie’s work is inspired by nature, but grounded in science, and her morning session will be a guided Moving Meditation themed “One Planet, One Humanity, One Love”.

Gillie has been teaching for over 25 years, and over the last year, due to the pandemic, she has taken her business 100% online. She is passionate about finding positive ways to cope with the current situation, physically, mentally and emotionally.


In her own words - 

“In times when we have very little control over what’s going on around us, we have to switch our focus to those areas we can influence. The most important thing right now is that we work to stay strong, healthy and happy. When we do this, it tends to have a positive impact on the rest of our life, as well as giving us the best chance at fighting a virus.”

“The additional benefit is that when we look after ourselves, we tend to look after each other better, and we look after the world around us better. So it’s a triple win. We are healthier, kinder, and more ecologically conscious”.

“I see Earth Day as a day for us to come together and remember that we all share this same planet. The only way we are going to survive is if we look after ourselves, each other and the home that we all share – the Earth”.

With her large global network, Gillie will be connecting countries from all over the world in different time zones, but in Croatian time, it will be 0800-0930, a morning “rise and shine” looking out to sea watching the day break over Dubrovnik.

The event is open to all levels, even total beginners, and there are 12 spaces for people who would like to join in the class live. In order to make the event safe and compliant with current COVID restrictions, places are limited and pre-booking is essential.

If you would like to reserve a place at the Lazareti, then you can email Gillie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or find out more at