Monday, 21 June 2021
Air France coming back to Dubrovnik this summer Air France coming back to Dubrovnik this summer Flickr

Air France to offer up to 11 flights a week from Paris to Dubrovnik this summer

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 12, 2021

On the 31st of May Air France will resume its flights schedule from Paris to Dubrovnik and is planning to increase the number of flights this summer.

The flagship French airline has recently revised its summer flights schedule for 2021 and apart from the Croatian capital, the airline plans to fly to both Split and Dubrovnik this summer.

Dubrovnik’s tourism industry is expected to slowly recover in June and the news that Air France will operate from the end of May will certainly be a boost. Throughout June Air France will operate a twice weekly service from Paris to Dubrovnik, according to a report on Croatian Aviation. However, this service will be greatly increased as the summer progresses, from the start of July the airline will operate a daily service to Dubrovnik, and then from the middle of July Air France plans eleven flights a week between the French capital and Croatia’s southernmost airport.

Air France will also operate a similar service to Split, with again flights beginning on the 31st of May this year.


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