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Adriatic Luxury Hotels answer to Dubrovnik oil spill in front of Hotel Excelsior

Written by  Apr 08, 2021

On Saturday, March 27, in the early morning hours in the boiler room of the Hotel Excelsior, there was a leak of heating oil on the beach in front of the hotel, which was caused by human error, reported Adriatic Luxury Hotels (ALH).

Adding that “Immediately after the discovery of this event, the hotel staff informed the competent services, who investigated the situation. The same morning, we hired a specialized company CIAN, which approached the remediation by treating the contaminated area with appropriate means and setting up dams. The intervention is still ongoing.”

Citizens reported last Saturday morning seeing a large oily patch on the sea between the island of Lokrum and the Old City of Dubrovnik. And then it soon became clear that the oil was coming from Hotel Excelsior.

ALH stated that “A detailed inspection revealed that the tank was missing 7,732 litres of heating oil, and it is not yet possible to confirm with complete certainty how much of it has leaked into the sea. There is a reasonable suspicion that the sand in the base of the beach plateau has absorbed the oil, which is now gradually, and encouraged by occasional stronger waves and bad weather, being released into the sea and causing pollution on the sea surface. As soon as we came to this knowledge, we hired the company Texo gradnja, which will open the concrete platform of the beach of the Excelsior Hotel tomorrow under the supervision of CIAN in order to remove and safely dispose of the potentially contaminated part of the beach layers.”

Seeing such a patch of oil on the Adriatic so close to Dubrovnik was understandably disturbing, and many citizens called to report the spill.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels concluded that “We will, with the help of specialized companies, repair the damage completely as soon as possible and examine all the details of the incident. As has been the case so far, Adriatic luxury hotels will continue to transparently continue to inform the public with verified and accurate information. Finally, we would like to extend our sincere apologies to all the citizens of Dubrovnik for the inconvenience caused by the incident and thank you in advance for your understanding while all the necessary activities necessary for urgent rehabilitation are underway.”


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