Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Free Wi-Fi network inside Old City of Dubrovnik expanded Free Wi-Fi network inside Old City of Dubrovnik expanded Shutterstock

Free internet access in Old City of Dubrovnik expanded

Written by  Apr 02, 2021

You’ve just taken that killer photo of Dubrovnik and can’t wait to upload it onto your social media but your mobile internet is dead. Or you’ve moved to the city as a digital nomad, which is ever more popular nowadays, and fancy an open-air office in the stone streets of the city but again can’t get online. Well there is some good news as the free Wi-Fi service over the Old City of Dubrovnik has been drastically improved.

The development agency DURA has set up nine new access points for free wireless internet in public areas within the old city centre of Dubrovnik. The wireless network (FREE Dubrovnik) has been extended to include areas such as the Jesuit area, St. Dominic Street, the area of the Rupe Museum and the Porporela area. The network is available to all citizens and visitors to the old city.

“The project is funded by the Interreg Italy-Croatia program, and aims to develop a cross-border smart methodology and strategy for the preservation and valorisation of unexplored tangible and intangible cultural heritage and to promote sustainable territorial development, with a special focus on "living heritage",” stated DURA.



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