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AMAZING PHOTO: Standing on the rooftop in Dubrovnik Instagram: s_marga

AMAZING PHOTO: Standing on the rooftop in Dubrovnik

Written by  Sep 06, 2016

Instagram is really the biggest source of beautiful photos from Dubrovnik! The one that made it to the top photos today is really special. On the profile s_marga this young traveler has published a photo which shows her standing on the rooftop, accompanied with a great caption.

- Now everyone travels and you can hardly surprise anyone with your trips. People not gonna go wow if you go to Europe for your holidays. People go to same places, do same things according to guides, trip advisers, have same pictures and only few have different experiences because they dont plan when and what time visit all museums in the city but keep themselves open to adventures. I always wanted to live when our planet was unexplored when you can be the first person to step on the land, when places are still unnamed, undiscovered and untouched. When I was a kid I had a huge map on my wall with all the countries and their first conquerors and I was reading adventures of Armstrong, Captain Cook, Vasco da Gama, Columbus and Magellan and dreaming that one day I will discover something that will change the world and will make myself known. Do you think I still have a chance or everything is already discovered and found? – writes Margarita Samsonova on her Instagram profile that has over 38 thousand likes.

Then she describes how she took the photo, saying that she invaded the house of eldery Croatian man, because he had amazing balcony with a great view to the city. She adds that he didn't speak English but let them take pictures and the next thing he saw was her climbing his rooftop. We can only imagine his reaction and let's say – it was worth it.

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