Tuesday, 18 May 2021

MATO FRANKOVIĆ: I am convinced that the introduction of testing at airports will make it easier for tourists to come to Dubrovnik

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 23, 2021

The Croatian Radio show 'In the Network of the First' talked about the possibility of introducing Covid passports for travel in the near future. When it comes to that, Croatia is most dependent on the European Union market, said Robert Pende from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. This gives us an advantage over countries outside the Union, reports Jutarnji list.

“So some countries last year and last season acted as they themselves assessed in a given situation. We hope that this year the European Union will take a stand on travel, because today we have more experience, but we also have a vaccine,” Pende said.

There is talk of Covid passports, but it is also necessary to resolve the issue of testing before crossing the border and determine whether it requires a PCR test or some tests that could be cheaper and faster to complete.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, was also a guest on HRT's show, saying that the most numerous guests in his city were British, and that the British and US markets were crucial for Dubrovnik. Frankovic says the UK is expected to open to international markets on May 17th.

“Until then, it's up to us to put the whole story together. I am convinced that the proposal I made to the National Staff - the introduction of testing at airports, is the key to the problem. This will make it easier for tourists to come to Dubrovnik, but also to leave. They will not have to be burdened with systems and looking where to get tested,” Frankovic said, adding that the situation is similar at English airports.

He also pointed out that the cost of tests will be lower if the EU decides that antigen tests are also recognized for crossing borders. Namely, testing in Dubrovnik costs approximately 200 Euros, which is off-putting for tourists, reports Jutarnji list.


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