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Bocelli connecting Europe Bocelli connecting Europe

Andrea Bocelli on the Stradun...it is only an advert

Written by  Aug 31, 2016

Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian tenor who has been completely blind from the age of twelve, has sold more than 85 million albums, more than any other opera singer in history. His music is a universal language that connects people around the world just like the state of the art communication solutions which make our daily lives much easier. That is why Deutsche Telekom, one of the leading telecommunications groups in Europe, choose the famous tenor to participate in its new "Europe" campaign highlighting the idea of a connected Europe.

The campaign "You can’t see what it is that connects Europe. But you can feel it." featuring the famous tenor conveys Deutsche Telekom’s and the artist’s shared belief in the idea of the connectedness of countries and people, through a network that is invisible but always provides this feeling of connectedness.

For Andrea Bocelli, today's network technology is one of the great achievements of our modern world. “The network turns Europe into a community and brings people closer together. Like my music. Music is a special language that everybody understands – and thus connects people”, says the tenor. “Life is a complex web of relationships with people. With the help of this network and new technologies, I want to stay connected with all the people who are important to me. What is true for music is also true for the network: You can’t see what it is that connects Europe. But you can feel it.”

Andrea Bocelli stradun

Andrea Boceli on the Stradun...or at least his body double 

In the last few days, as a part of the Deutsche Telekom campaign in Croatia, big posters of Hrvatski Telekom can be seen throughout the country showing people with their arms flung wide open to the world forming the letter ''T''. The message is quite clear – the best network gives you a sense of freedom wherever you are.

Otherwise, this TV commercial have been already broadcasted throughout Europe and was recorded at various locations in a number of European cities. We are proud to say that Dubrovnik features in this TV commercial with the most famous street in the world Stradun and Dubrovnik's Franjo Tudman Bridge on which the famous world tenor Andrea Bocelli stands and throws his arms up to the world and to freedom.

The Voice of Dubrovnik


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