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Rolling seas in Dubrovnik Rolling seas in Dubrovnik Ivan Vukovic

VIDEO – Adriatic batters stone walls of Dubrovnik as south winds kick up a storm

By  Dec 03, 2020

It wasn’t a day to be eating al fresco today in Dubrovnik as a strong southerly wind swept in the rain and clouds and kicked up a storm on the Adriatic. The forecast predicted rain and it was absolutely spot on.

The stone walls of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik was battered by the rolling seas and strong winds. Highs hit 13 degrees today and the forecast for the rest of the week, indeed the next seven days, doesn’t look too promising with more of the wet stuff in the pipeline.

storm ivan vukovic 2020

Stormy seas around Dubrovnik - Photo Ivan Vukovic 

Check out this incredible video of the Adriatic Sea crashing into the Old City of Dubrovnik by Ivan Vukovic.

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