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Dubrovnik to get a drive-in cinema Illustration

Dubrovnik to get a drive-in cinema

By  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 01, 2020

Drive-in cinema at the upper parking lot in Radeljevic will start working on December 3rd. Two movies will be shown every night.

Two people in one car can watch the movie and the capacity of the drive-in cinema is 35 cars per projection, arranged so that anyone can get out of the parking lot at any time. Given the cold weather, visitors don’t have to worry about having to keep the windows open because they will be able to listen to the movie via their in-car radios that will be adjusted to the temporary radio frequency.

Drive in opens on Thursday, December 3rd at 6 pm with the family animated comedy Trolls, a smart and fun adventure with great music credited to Justin Timberlake. At 8 pm the program continues with the excellent black comedy Freaky.

The first week also brings the following family titles: Grinch, A Christmas Carol, Goonies, My Brother Hunts Dinosaur, La la land, Shine in the Grass, My Name is Baghdad, an excellent current Italian drama The Most Beautiful Year and more. You can find a detailed program at

Although tickets can be purchased on the spot, the organizers kindly ask everybody to buy tickets, if possible, for their own and other people's health safety via the website All visitors who will need to get out of the car before, during or after the screening must have a protective mask.


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