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The pearl of the Adriatic The pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik highlighted as top destination for Americans to work, rest and play

By  Nov 30, 2020

Are we about to see an invasion of Americans in Dubrovnik? One of the most respected American publications has selected the pearl of the Adriatic as a top destination for Americans. Dubrovnik has been named in the top twenty destinations for Americans to live, work and invest, by

Even though the actual number of Americans living in Dubrovnik is probably under 30 this new article could soon change that. Over the past few years US tourists have been the second most numerous in Dubrovnik, mainly thanks to direct flights by American Airlines from Philadelphia and interest in seeing the main location from Game of Thrones, and this inflow of US tourist has indeed led to a few buying real estate or deciding to stay on a longer basis.

“Even if the fate of Donald Trump isn’t driving your decision, you may be considering a life abroad or dreaming of making a move across the ocean to Europe. Based on various criteria including the presence of an international school, quality of life, health care system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, active expat community and low crime rate, the Best European Destinations (EBD) organization has revealed its rankings for the top European places for American expats to live, invest, retire and create new projects,” writes Forbes.

Based on these criteria Dubrovnik finished in the top 20 world destinations for American to work, rest and play, out of a total of 120 different cities.

With its international universities, the RIT and Libertas University, Dubrovnik draws lots of attention from students from all over the world.

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RIT students in Croatia - Photo RIT 

“Bill and Hilary Clinton love this vacation destination. Discover it for a stay or drop your luggage there for a few months or permanently. Dubrovnik is the talk of the Adriatic, an incredible city that has inspired many artists, designers, screenwriters and filmmakers,” writes Forbes.

The article also suggests the possibility of starting a business in Dubrovnik and uses the example of a wedding planner company. “The destination is recognized as one of the best for wedding proposals and some of its hotels are ranked among the best for a wedding ceremonies in Europe,” writes Forbes.


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