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That is a 1,000 Kuna fine! That is a 1,000 Kuna fine! Ivana Smilovic

New “bikini ban” laws come into force in Dubrovnik

Written by  Aug 24, 2016

The signs are up, the uniformed security guards are ready for action, the new dress-code law in Dubrovnik is up and running. The Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Zeljko Raguz, held a press conference yesterday as the new signs were installed on the entrances into the historic Old City of Dubrovnik.

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Photo - Zeljko Tutnjevic 

If you are now caught “wearing swimwear or inappropriately uncovered” on the public streets of the city you will have to pay a fine of 1,000 Kunas, or around 134 Euros. This so called “bikini ban” will mean all visitors to the city centre will have to cover up or pay up. Bare-chested men and bikini clad women are a thing of the past as a total of fifteen security guards will patrol the streets looking for flesh-baring law breakers.

The new set of regulations also includes a ban on riding bikes, throwing cigarette butts, walking dogs without a leash and the use of sound amplifiers for music and entertainment programs. When asked at the press conference whether the new security guards had received any special training for spotting and fining offenders the guards replied that “no specific training was required.” The 1,000 Kuna fine will be reduced to 500 Kuna if paid on the spot. And in addition to the signs on the three main land entrances into the Old City signs have also been placed on the sea entrances.

And it seems that this new law will have plenty of “business” as our cameras caught potential offenders on the streets of Dubrovnik a few days ago. In only a few minutes at least ten dress-code violators were spotted.

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