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More warm weather on the way for Dubrovnik More warm weather on the way for Dubrovnik

Indian Summer on the cards in Dubrovnik as northern Europe looks forward to more rain

Written by  Aug 22, 2016

In spite of the thunder and lightning today in Dubrovnik with the occasional downpour the weather forecast for the rest of the week is for sunshine and temperatures in the low thirties.

The early morning and rain and thunderstorms in Dubrovnik today will be the last rain we will see in the region for the next seven days. According to the mid-term weather forecast Dubrovnik can expect a stabilisation of weather and clear blue skies.

Temperatures tomorrow will again be in the low thirties with 31 degrees predicted and that pattern will continue until at least Saturday.

And according to the specialised website Dubrovnik could well be in for an Indian Summer. “Surges of warmth from Africa and the Mediterranean will be frequent throughout the autumn season, leading to above-normal temperatures across southern Spain, southern and central Italy and the southern Balkans,” states the website. They add that northern Europe will be wet and windy in autumn.

Temperatures in Dubrovnik are expected to remain stable, at around 30 degrees, until the middle of September.