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Ryan Pyle with Ivan Vukovic in Dubrovnik Ryan Pyle with Ivan Vukovic in Dubrovnik

Amazon Prime travel show – The Nomad with Ryan Pyle – films in Dubrovnik

By  Nov 06, 2020

It has been an extremely hectic autumn period in Dubrovnik as far as film and TV productions are concerned. The tourist might have stayed at home but the movie makers certainly didn’t, from Nicholas Cage in a blockbuster Hollywood movie to home-grown films, we’ve seen them all this autumn. And the latest camera crew to set up in the city was the popular Canadian travel reporter, Ryan Pyle, as part of a project for Amazon Prime – The Nomad.

“The Nomad series is all about what I do when I am not climbing mountains and walking across deserts, which is essentially hanging out in cool cities, like Dubrovnik, and meeting inspiring people. The show is broadcast on Amazon Prime in the US, UK and Germany,” commented Pyle.

amazon tv in dbc

Ryan Pyle in the Dubrovnik Beer Company  

And added that “And yes, I am actually homeless or a Global Nomad. Based in Dubai, but always traveling and making shows and it's an absolute privilege to have the chance to visit Croatia and show the magical people that make Dubrovnik something special.”

amazon tv stardun dubrovnik 2020

Ryan Pyle on the Stradun 

From the Dubrovnik Beer Company to the War Photo Limited gallery in the heart of the Old City, Pyle got under the skin of the city. The leading Dubrovnik travel guide, Ivan Vukovic, has his host and guide in the city and said to The Dubrovnik Times that apart from showing him the highlights he also “gave an interview about movie tourism in Dubrovnik.” And as Vukovic is popular Game of Thrones guide and has been involved directly on many productions Pyle certainly found the right person to speak to.

The Nomad will be broadcast in either January or February 2021 on Amazon Prime.


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