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Mlini symbol loses a branch zupcica.hr

Mlini symbol loses a branch

By  Aug 22, 2016

One of the natural symbols of Mlini, near Dubrovnik, a plane tree dating back to 1743 was damaged in the recent high winds. A large branch broke off and was left swinging dangerously in the wind, reports the news site Zupcica.hr. The branch broke on Friday night and due to the risk to the public the Zupa fire brigade have cordoned off the area.

The plane tree, which is located next to the St. Roko Church, is one of the main attractions of Mlini and is the focal point of countless photos from tourists every year. The branch that broke was eight metres above the ground. Unfortunately due to the number of cars in this small side road that have almost blocked the road the fire brigade were unable to immediately react and cut the branch off completely. Another problem is that the Zupa fire brigade don’t have platforms that can reach the branch so they will call in help from another local fire brigade. Until the branch is cut off members of the public have been asked to be careful and keep their distance.

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