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The 'reception area' of Dubrovnik gets a new look

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 04, 2020

The complete rehabilitation of the stone sidewalk of the western approach to the historic core of the City of Dubrovn has been completed, which has given the "reception of the city" a more beautiful and representative appearance. The renovation project began in March, and the works were divided into phases to allow pedestrians to pass unhindered. On the area from the restaurant Dubravka, Ulica branitelja Dubrovnika all the way to the turnoff for Gradac, a total of about 1,100 square meters of sidewalks have been renovated.

In this area, the stone slabs often cracked, which posed a possible danger to people and seemed unsuitable for the contact zone of the historic core. The works were carried out by the Administrative Department for Transport, following the guidelines of the Conservation Department in Dubrovnik. In accordance with the conservator's instructions to preserve as much old stone as possible, about 300 square meters of pavement have been successfully preserved and re-installed.

Work began on Pile due to the highest frequency of passers-by, and in the first phase, the entire Brsalje plateau was restored. Monument to the defenders has been dismantled and removed due to the danger of collapsing, and the base of the entire plateau has been removed and a completely new one has been installed. During a tour of the works in June, Mayor Frankovićcannounced the erection of a new monument, the construction and location of which will be agreed upon by the city administration with veterans' associations.

The works worth 2.3 million kuna, including VAT were performed by Gradevinar-Quélin d.d., and the company CON-TEH d.o.o. was hired for expert supervision.

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