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St. Bliase gets a bottle of beer St. Bliase gets a bottle of beer

St. Blaise defaced with bottle of beer

By  Aug 22, 2016

The patron saint of Dubrovnik, St. Blaise, has protected the historic city for many centuries, but now it seems he has a new role in life, a beer holder.

The large stone statue of the Dubrovnik saint on the front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral now features a glass bottle of beer. As the statue is quite a way off the ground whoever gave the saint a beer had quite a climb. And as the cathedral is opposite a busy restaurant it can be presumed that the prank was carried out in the early morning hours. To make matters even worse the hand in which the bottle was jammed was damaged in the Homeland War and the three fingers were destroyed by shrapnel. These fragile three fingers are now forced open to hold a bottle of local beer.

We can only hope that the bottle of beer is removed quickly and that St. Blaise can return to protecting the city and not holding beer bottles.

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