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The City of Dubrovnik shares experiences on topics of sustainability and cruising tourism

By  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 28, 2020

Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic participated in two online panel discussions about the development of sustainable tourism in the City of Dubrovnik. One discussion was held on the topic of smart tourism in the Mediterranean, which was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports as part of the SMARTMED project. Dubrovnik was recognized as an example of good practice in terms of encouraging sustainable development in tourism, and Deputy Tepšić spoke about the Respect the City project, within the panel on topic "Sustainability".

Tepsic also emphasized on this occasion that the focus of the project is the residents of the City and that the measures implemented, due to the overcrowding of tourism, sought to achieve a balance between the number of tourists and what the city and its residents can handle. The goal is to have an income and live from tourism, but in a way that citizens will be satisfied with life in the city.

Although due to the pandemic the situation today is completely different, the new situation, said Deputy Tepsic, is an opportunity to do some things differently from the beginning, with the experience that Dubrovnik has with 'overtourism' from previous years. The online event through the SMARTMED project was organized through four panels, and the ultimate goal is to define key areas for the development of a business model for smart tourism and the detection of a potential pilot project in the Republic of Croatia.

The experiences of Dubrovnik and the measures implemented through the Respect the City project were the topic and presentations of Deputy Tepsic within the online workshop "The future of cruising tourism on the Adriatic", organized as a part of the interregional cooperation program ESPON. Participants, representatives of the academic community and government, discussed possible strategies for further development of cruising tourism in the region, and Deputy Tepsic pointed out the excellent cooperation of the city administration with the Port Authority, as well as establishing partnerships with CLIA, the cruise industry umbrella association.

-In Dubrovnik, our goal is to improve results in destination management, benefits for the local economy, life and cultural well-being and protection of nature and natural resources - said Deputy Tepsic, saying that the destination has the power to influence processes aimed at achieving sustainable and responsible tourism.

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