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One Croatian island has successfully managed to avoid Covid-19

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 27, 2020

Lastovo has 760 inhabitants and since the beginning of the pandemic, there has not been a single confirmed case of Covid-19 infection. Whereas the nearby island of Mljet has recorded cases this island in the Adriatic has successfully avoided the pandemic with absolutely no Covid-19 cases recorded, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

In times of infections and diseases islands are either the best place to be, or the worst place to be, either nobody is infected or everyone is, and on Lastovo it seems like the best place to be. And although Lastovo is located inside the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which has a relatively low level of infection, the island is actually closer to the Split-Dalmatia County, with regular ferry lines. And the Split-Dalmatia County has one of the worst infection rates in the country.

"We have no concrete explanations why no case of Covid-19 has been recorded on the island all this time," confirmed Margaret Hropić, the head of the Lastovo Crisis Station.

"We had a busy summer, a lot of tourists, people live the same as in all other areas. People both violate and respect the measures, there is simply no special behaviour that we practice in our community. We live like the rest of the world. We are a closed environment, maybe our collective immunity is stronger," Hropić commented for Slobodna Dalmacija.


50 kilometres of sea self-isolation - Photo Mark Thomas 

The report also cites the comment of one of the largest entrepreneurs on Lastovo, Marčelin Simić, the owner of a restaurant and marina, which reportedly had a busy summer with yacht arrivals. “There are few people on the whole island on 50 square kilometres. There are another 50 kilometres of water around us, our whole island is a big self-isolation. We were careful when going to the mainland, we were careful on the ferry and catamaran. I take care of my neighbour and every person on the island. Because when I take care of them, I take care of everything and myself,” commented Simić.

The island belongs to the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, which has recorded 1,193 cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic began. However, Lastovo is connected daily with ferry lines to Split, which is the administrative centre of the Split-Dalmatia County, where 6,063 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed so far, of which 84 patients have died.

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