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Mark Thomas and Peter Greenberg in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas and Peter Greenberg in Dubrovnik

Leading US radio show features Dubrovnik – The Dubrovnik Times has a word

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 26, 2020

Dubrovnik played host to the popular American CBS radio show “Eye on Travel” this weekend and The Dubrovnik Times contributed to the show. One of the leading travel journalists in the world, Peter Greenberg, who hosts the radio show and is the CBS News Travel Editor recorded his weekly broadcast from the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik.

Peter Greenberg, known in the industry as The Travel Detective, is the host of Eye on Travel, a three-hour weekend radio program. The show is broadcast from a different place each week, ranging from major cities, to remote locations around the world. The program, now in its 20th season, is distributed by CBS Radio, and features local guests speaking about the destination, call-in listeners and global newsmakers.

And The Dubrovnik Times played a small part in the travel show with the editor Mark Thomas answering tough travel questions about the city and giving his opinion on what the future holds for Dubrovnik and the tourism industry.

Greenberg, who is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, also spoke to a whole host of imminent guests from all walks of life in the city, from culture to politics and of course tourism and travel. And Greenberg has a unique insight into the country and is a regular visitor. In fact, The Dubrovnik Times caught up with Greenberg that last time he was here in 2018.

And the US travel expert seemed more than happy to be able to bring his show to Dubrovnik as due to the Covid-19 pandemic he has spent most of the last few hours in New York unable to travel.

The Dubrovnik version of Eye on Travel is set to be broadcast in the US at the end of this month.


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