Wednesday, 02 December 2020
Unusual aircraft roars over Dubrovnik – spaghetti flight plan Screenshot -

Unusual aircraft roars over Dubrovnik – spaghetti flight plan

By  Oct 22, 2020

A rather unusual aircraft has been buzzing in the skies over Dubrovnik this morning seemingly with a spaghetti flight plan. The plane, an Italian Piaggio P.180 Avanti, took-off from Dubrovnik Airport this morning at 10:00am and not only is the plane an eye-catching design but being a twin turboprop also has a distinctive sound.

The small front wing makes it look like a hammerhead shark. Presumably the aircraft is on some kind of survey mission as the flight plan shows. With various swoops over the Adriatic Sea in front of Dubrovnik.

The same plane was also spotted over Cavtat and Dubrovnik around six months ago, and then is was being used to calibrate the airport lights and navigation devices of the Dubrovnik Airport. And as this exercise is usually carried out twice a year we can only presume that the Avanti is again calibrating the same devices and lights.


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